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Protest jump in Romanian parliament

December 23, 2010, Bucharest, Romania, the Parliament.

The Romanian parliament. Photo:

A man jumps from a 7 meter balcony, just a few seconds after the beginning of the Prime Minister’s speach.

Adrian Sobaru, aged 42, employee of the public Romanian television (TVR, “Televiziunea Romana”),had the explanation for his suicide attempt written on his   T-shirt:  “ne-ati ciuruit…ne-ati distrus viitorul copiilor nostri” (Romanian for: “you killed us, you destroyed the future of our children“), words adressed to the Romanian leaders. One of his children suffers of AUTISM, and the aberrant measures taken under the escuse of “the international crisis” lead to the criminal cuts in the healhcare system, and in the social revenues for persons with disabilities.

The president of Romania, Traian Basescu, announced a few months ago that the salaries in the public field were to be cut by 25%, the TVA raised from 19 to 25%., and many other measures against the Romanian population, whereas the public expenses for the political institutions increased.  As a response, many Romanian people had their monthly revenues decreased from a mean of 700-1000 RON (Romanian currency) to 75%.

A doctor in Romania used to earn ~350 euro per month, and, after the Basescu-Boc cuts: 270 euro per month (in the public hospitals).

Romania’s president is Traian Basescu, leader of the Democrate-Liberal Party (PDL = Partidul Democrat Liberal), and the prime minister is Emil Boc (a law teacher from Cluj-Napoca). The actual leaders are supported by about 8% of the general population, but in the Parliament, there is a slight majority, formed after the presidential elections in 2009 (when president Traian Basecu was re-elected), when some senators and deputees elected on behalf of the opposition, formed a separate party which left the opposition and joined the government party in a new political alliance.

The Parliament jump reflects perfectly the state of mind of the majority of the population, whereas the public expenses were increased for the projects in which the democrate party is involved.

So, as a response to the BBC news report, it’s not about cutting “public expenses”, but the Parliament jump reaction is about cutting off peoples’s money, whereas the public money goes, in a very clear way, to the political leadership.

21 years after the Romanian revolution which eliminated Ceausescu, a man jumping off a Romanian parliament balcony and shouting “freedom” is the most clear sign that Romania has gone in the wrong way.

Following the jump, Adrian Sobaru was taken to en emergency hospital in Bucharest. The lesions (facial fractures) are not life threatening, and the patient is awake and stable.

Here is the official report from BBC news:

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